Fun Products for Kids and
Design for Parents!

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MY DAY - to learn routines
MY DAY is designed for children who are below 3 years old. A child can see the happenings of the day from these big magnets: eating, going out, playing, rest. Routines that are familiar make child's day easier to understand and they feel more secure. 

MY WEEK – a fun way to learn time concepts
MY WEEK calendar is designed for children aged around 3 to 6 years. The calendar helps children learn what day it is, how many days a week they spend in day care or at school, when the weekend is or when grandma will come and visit. Developing a sense of time increases children’s wellbeing. Read more >>

What kind of happenings are there during the child's week? With these lovely pictures it is even more fun to wait the upcoming happenings. Extra-stickers supplement the MY WEEK picture calendar. 

Ready made metallic boards for the magnets. The size is 40x40 cm. The possible colours are white, matte black, rosa and gold. Each board has 4 smalla holes for the fastening. In addition of the square one there are also laser made castle and city board options.

Doing together at its best! Colour on the floor, on the table or at the party - together with friends. Adorable, giant (diameter 60 cm) colouring pictures. The playful pictures will let the imagination fly and they absolutely call for drawing your own additions. There are four different pictures in each package.

An elephant flying across the sky, friends enjoying ice-cream together, tree of hearts or an exciting trip with an air-balloon. Just pick up your favourite out of these 15 fun and fresh postcards. iloisen raikasta korttia. All designed and made in Finland.  

Fresh air, great forests and diverse nature inspired us: the most common trees, birds and butterflies bring the pure Finnish nature into your own home! And as it is Finland, the sun doesn’t shine all the time so it is nice to know the different types of clouds, too! As extra fun you will learn all this in Finnish!