Kokokidi is based on the idea of Finnish design and culture. The products are functional, educational, well designed and most of all, they are designed with the most creative and joyful users – the children.

The company started from an urgent daily need, as most innovations do. Tanja Solehmainen, the founder and CEO of Kokokidi created the first product – the calendar – to visually explain her little boy – the days that she shall be absent and travelling for work. They had spent together the first years of the little boy’s life and being apart was turning painful. With the calendar the boy was able to count the days when the mummy comes back, and it made the distance bearable.

Later the small family moved to Helsinki, the capital of Finland. With all the hobbies and possibilities the city had to offer, the life became rather active. Not to mention the birth of the little brother! The brothers grew and were able to follow the flow of the week. Mother drew new motifs and now the big brother could include his own meaningful activities to his visualized week.

2014, when Tanja was at home with the smallest newcomer, the little sister, she realized that these products had been so helpful that she wanted to spread the joy and continue the work.

And that’s what Kokokidi is founded for. Our mission is to create products that make the hectic life of families with little children more fun, more functional and yet more joyful. Cause there’s never enough of laughter. And most of all, by observing our own children, we can make the world so much better.